28 March 2010

"A Lawsuit that reveals important legal dimensions for import and export operations" in which he explained in detail how those significant dimensions are reflected in this lawsuit"

30 May 2010

Mr. Nabil Farag research entitled "4 models to cheat and circumvent overused in the field of international maritime trade" was published in an attempt for a further reducing of cheat,

July 2010

"International Maritime Arbitration and the Extent of its Effectiveness and Applicability on Maritime Disputes in Egypt"

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In addition to our office branches in Egypt as indicated above, We have many overseas law offices and worldwide correspondents team to be able to offer the legal advice in any part of the world when necessary through our extensive network of correspondents and associated law offices around the world such as London, USA, Canada, Italy, Greece, Malta, Durban, India, to meet the needs of our clients all over the world, A list of our correspondents and associated law offices and their details (Address, Tel and Fax numbers) you can find here. We are equipped with the knowledge, dynamism and confidence to face the new challenges at all legal matters. 


Head office: 23, July & Abou El-Feda St., Second Floor, El-Shark. 42111. P.O. Box: 1036. Port Said, Egypt.

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Email : nbllawfirm@gmail.com

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